Finding the appropriate buyer is the most important and crucial topic to be well aware of as the whole export business depends on this topic. With no buyers we won’t be able to sell our products in the international market.

Exporter should check for trade barriers or restricted products in the start while thinking of the product to export from India and also while exporting to a specific country. Exporter should also check for trade barriers and restricted import products which may result in imposing high taxes from the importing nation, check for importing quality regulations and certifications, requirements for special licensing, standards, labeling, testing. Check for ban on importing commodities.

There are 9 different methods to find the perfect buyers for all the commodities you wish to sell overseas whether it may be Agricultural produce, meat products, leather goods, industrial goods, fmcg products, packaging products or any type of services.

Here are some crucial methods for finding the right buyers for your export business.

  • Connecting with Indian Embassy or High Commission of India-

India is a large country and has its wings spread across the globe in most of the countries in forms of Indian embassy or high commissions, any exporter who wishes to expand their business in the international market should showcase their business identity via email to the Indian embassy.

In the email one should mention the product details, company address, company’s digital presence such as company’s website, facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter account presence.

You can also mention the type of help or coordination you require from the government of India for expanding your export business, exporter can also ask for the importers details, local chamber of commerce’s detail, recommendation for well known b2b sites for registering as an exporter and the embassy does coordinate and will provide you the relevant data you require according to the HS code you provide them. Indian Embassy is also helpful during trade disputes if caused any, Embassy may mostly ask you for your product details, HS code of your product and the company’s I.E.C number to keep a track record.

  • Contacting Importers via Export Data or Buyer’s Data

Once you get the importers buyer’s data or export data from the Indian customs you may search them on the internet for their social media presence and source the email address from the internet so that you can contact them through email marketing, in the email you should make it a point that you mention the relevant information to attract the importers eye, for his product requirement and need to send at least 3 consecutive emails to a single importer within a time frame of 15 days, the 1st email should be consisting of your company’s introduction, product details and overview of company’s physical and digital presence , 2nd email should be consisting of the product pricing, product images, quality specification and certification acquired and 3rd covering a business proposal for the importer for his benefits as being a partner with product benefits.

  • Searching Importers on Google

While searching importers on Google you will need to search through step by step process such as 1st target the country you wish to get orders from then search for the relevant companies dealing with your product and search for their companies website and once your find the website keep a track record of the company and contact them via email and then by telephonic method if required always remember to send minimum 3 emails to be sent to a particular importer.

  • Registering on B2B International Portals

There are a lot of well known b2b portals in the international market for the betterment of international trade such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Tradewheel, Kompass, Amazon and etc. exporter should look for the free registration in the start and look if they can get any good orders or genuine leads as you have registered for free if you get any genuine leads then think of purchasing a membership of that particular b2b portal. Or exporter can also list their products for sell in that particular portal.

  • Registering in Chamber of Commerce’s or Trade Associations

Every country and city has their local business hubs where all companies are registered which are known as chamber of commerce’s. You can get the importers details from the chamber of commerce’s or register yourself as an exporter on their website which might help you gain visibility among the importers.

There is this drop shipping concept which is very useful for new exporters with less investment but the frequency and order quantity will be less and cannot assure how often you will get the orders. To start this type of business one needs to register their company as a seller account on the b2b portal which is active in that particular country and pay the amount that is given on the b2b portal an example this is amazon, as amazon is a widely spread in most parts of the world.

  • Digital/Social Media Marketing

Exporters need to set up an professional and attractive website to showcase their products, manufacturing process, work ethics and trust accountability and by continuously adding on relevant blogs and information search engine optimization (seo) will help to increase your website seo in search Google ranking by potential buyers, such as product benefits, product usage, advantages buying from your company, apart from website social media marketing can be a powerful tool by updating your presence on facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram and youtube. You can also join several relevant trade groups on facebook which will help you generate enquiries for your commodities.

  • Contacting Local Personal Coordinator

Local personal coordinator is referred to your point of contact living in that country either working for a company or running his own business, once you have your local point of contact you will need to give them the relevant importers data and your product detail along with your company details with good explanation so as to he or she will be able to generate orders for your company.

 Attending Trade Fairs and Expos.

Several countries host trade fairs and expos for buyers and sellers meet. Budgeting your trip and attending trade fairs and expos in your targeted country might help you find buyers for your specific products. You can also look for these trade fairs on the export promotion council’s portal or on the federation of Indian export organization portal. India does host several trade fairs in India itself to attract foreign buyers, you can also set up your own stall by registering on export promotion council’s during such expos.

Hope this blog helps you find buyers for your business to grow easier and smoothly!

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