Communication skills are a set of activities or ability to build relationships with other people, whether it is friendship, business, or any other relationship, Communication skills does not mean knowing any language completely! But passing the exact information to the other person, most of the people think knowing English alone will help them communicate with others but English is just a language and communication is a skill.

A good communication helps us understand better about people and situations. It helps us build trust and respect and overcome diversities, and create conditions for sharing problems or discussing creative ideas, learning new things, businesses.

Although communication itself seems simple, there is always a chance for a lack of miscommunication that can cause people misunderstanding and can create conflicts and frustrations in personal or professional life in relations with other people.

To develop better communication with others you need these 4 skills

 Communication when assembled together with ReadingWriting, Speaking, and listening skills can develop basic communication skills necessary for effective communication in any environment. Adapting and learning these four skills will also help you prosper and build your confidence in your day today life.

1) Speaking

Verbal communication or speaking or talking is perhaps the most frequently used way to pass a message across at any situation, place or work stations, which also includes passing information in meetings, presentations, workshops, in-person interviews, telephonic and video conferencing or webinars.

The information is passed directly and costs nothing, and it’s instant. It is also effective when speaking in person to understand the non verbal clues such as facial expressions body language, tone or pitch of the speaker to have a clear vision of the mood or behavior. This skill is best used in situations where we need to resolve conflict- scenarios, presentations for team-building and or while selling a product. But as more and more businesses go global and they work with partners, clients and customers all over the world, verbal communication has been now given a second thought due to the digital communication platforms.

2) Writing

This is another effective business communication skill, which embraces the range from email, bulletin boards, posters, flyers, PPTs, internal business circulars, formal letters etc.

Effective writing requires choice of words that conveys our message appropriately and convincingly. This is a reliable form of communication; it can be used to reach multiple individuals employees or customers all at once by emailing, messaging; and it is also the best way to convey technical information quickly.

Written communication is an effective tool to explain concepts, issue instructions; writer can be expressive to interpret the exact information he wishes to pass on and leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Written communication also creates a trail for future references and it also helps the legal teams of large companies do their job abruptly.

3) Reading

Reading is tough to master as it requires timely learning and understanding and as looking at the present situation people mostly invest their time in social networking sites and instant short messages while reading books and information is less, while reading only is absolutely necessary.

Any preferable job your working at or at any level of employee you are; may it be CEO, Manager or an executive level you need to master the skill of reading to understand and respond on the concepts , business related information or written communication.

4) Listening

The most important and difficult skill in communication is listening as people living in different horizons have different way of speaking and different accent which can be tough at times to understand but active listening is a must to practice, listening implies in not only hearing but also understand the other persons content with or without signals. All businesses workplace use listening actively as a winning tool for every employee and manager which implies the ability to increase business growth by discussing, organizing and performing business plans.

A person who listens carefully will learn something new rather than speaking what he already knows, effectively listening will always be open for new ideas, feedback, innovations, rectify one’s mistake and will help in developing organizational relations for company’s growth.

Listening can also help in creating an environment in which everyone feels safe to express ideas, opinions and feelings, or plan and solve problems in a comfortable manner.

Developing these skills will help you in your daily life, during verbal communication dressing nicely gives an attractive effect to talk and achieve the motive for communication. Being a good speaker also helps you attract people to start conversation with you, while reading will help in boosting your personal knowledge, writing can improve passing the exact information while writing letters and emails and listening helps in understanding better.

In International Trade business people should know how to communicate properly and effectively to pass on the exact information they wish to share, understand and deliver during the trade matters between the seller and the buyer.

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